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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Real? Fake? Who Can Tell Anymore? 

Once upon a time you could look through a nude magazine and you would see gorgeous natural beauty. The women had real boobs and real bodies. Of course the models were slim, but they still looked like real women.
Today’s nude magazines are full of women with fake boobs, fake teeth, etc. The pictures are airbrushed and photoshopped to the point that the original model is lost. Pounds are shaved off, body parts are reshaped, skin color is completely changed, and even their hair is moved around. Most of the models today would not even be recognizable on the street.
It has gotten so bad that I have even seen CGI models that look more realistic than the flesh and blood models do.

Around 1983 the photographs of nude women in magazines began to change. The models became more and more unrealistic. The finished photographs were softened to blur the images just enough to reduce any harsh lines. Fake boobs started to become the norm instead of the exception.

Digital retouching has become not only normal, but almost a given fact.
To see some examples of digital retouching please visit the following pages:

On THIS PAGE you will see that in the after photo the model has lost weight, grown bigger boobs, has had her ribs reduced, and has had her skin recolored.

The FOLLOWING model has had her head reshaped, her eyes redone, her nose reduced, and her skin recolored.

The MODEL on this page has dropped 10 years after a digital retoucher got hold of her picture.

Now I admit to wishing someone could do THIS to a picture of me!

Look how PERFECT they made the skin of this model.

Kate, where have all your FRECKLES gone?

As you can see from the above examples, you can’t always believe what you see.
The old saying “I’ll believe it when I see it with my own eyes”, does not come in to play with photography anymore.

I thought it would be nice to see some photographs of nude models of the past. These girls are touched up a bit here and there of course because they were in a very popular men’s magazine, but they do still resemble themselves. They are not altered into a person who never existed. These girls are more along the lines of “what you see is what you get.

Madeline Castle appeared in a magazine in 1954. As you can see she has real boobs, real hips, and legs. If this picture were to be taken today they would shave the weight off her legs dramatically.

Joyce Nizzari posed in 1958. Today they would totally reshape her hips and butt.

From 1960 we have Susie Scott. Today she would either have implants or the photographer would enhance her boob size.

Susan Bernard, who posed in 1966, is absolutely gorgeous. I would bet almost anything that today she would have a different skin color with no freckles on her arm.

I wanted to show you Dolly Read. She posed in 1966. If anyone tried to alter her in any way it would be a tragedy. She is adorable!

In 1982 Marlene Janssen became one of the last real women to pose in this magazine. Her boobs are real, her hair is real, and look, she has hair “down there”! You don’t see that much anymore.

I don’t want you to think that I bear any resentment towards this or any other men’s magazine. On the contrary, I love them! But I also accept the fact that none of the photographs are real anymore. I would love to be able to have my pictures digitally retouched. That would be awesome! What I don’t like are the people who automatically assume these girls look like their photoshoots on a daily basis. Yes, a lot of people know that the photos are faked, but an amazing amount of people don’t.
What bothers me most are the young girls who assume that they are supposed to look like the photographs of models today. They are starving themselves to death to live up to something that doesn’t exist.
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