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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Fetishes Gone Bad 

I've talked before about the various sexual fetishes that people have.
Sometimetimes those fetishes go bad!

*In July in Exeter, England, Paul Pennington pleaded guilty to engaging in sexual activity in a public restroom, while incidentally dressed in a baby diaper, bib and girl's dress and carrying a baby bottle (but also wearing a stuffed bra).
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*Sean Kelly, 35, was arrested in Sebastian, Fla., in July, and charged with fraudulently attempting to obtain health-care services after he showed up at a clinic complaining of back pain but dressed in a baby diaper (which he eventually "loaded," demanding a change).
News Of The Weird

*Underwear obsessed William Jack has been warned he faces prison unless he stops "stalking" women and secretly taking photographs up their skirts.
His apparent fetish with women's underwear led him to point a camera up a woman's skirt and photograph her while she shopped in Grimsby's Freshney Place, the town's crown court heard. Police later recovered 263 indecent images - 80 per cent of them taken up women's skirts.
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*A woman was found partially-undressed with a man in an airliner lavatory at 30,000 feet, a court heard.
Amber Staines admitted assaulting a stewardess who had been called to the bathroom to investigate what was happening.
The 29-year-old single mother from Leeds was also seen kissing and cuddling and becoming "intimate" under a blanket with the male passenger in their seats.
Staines had been on a late-night flight from Tenerife to Manchester when the incident happened in February.
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*A Zimbabwean woman was electrocuted and her lover burnt on his hands while having sex in an electricity substation in Bulawayo, the New Ziana news agency reported Friday.
The woman, "believed to be a prostitute, was electrocuted while being intimate with her boyfriend", the news agency said, quoting a witness.
Owen Phiri said he heard a loud bang coming from the substation at around 07:30 and "rushed to investigate".
Screams were heard inside the substation and when Phiri opened a door, he discovered the badly burnt woman, still alive, with her partner.
She died shortly afterwards.
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*A 26-year-old Culpeper County man was arrested Sunday and accused of following a 52-year-old woman and leaving a pornographic photograph in her car door handle.
Clinton Scott Butler of 13249 Browning Road was charged with distribution of obscene material, according to Culpeper police officer Tim Sisk. Butler faces a second count of the same charge from a similar Aug. 1 incident, the officer said.
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*Western Cape police are investigating an allegation of sex with a corpse at Salt River Mortuary, and the amputation and theft of a foot from another body.
And a reliable mortuary source said the sexual assault on a young male was "just the tip of the iceberg" and "several more young male corpses have been violated".
Two "crime against a body" cases linked to the state mortuary have been opened at Woodstock police station.
The alarm was raised after police staff at the Durham Road mortuary found that the body of a young suicide victim had been sodomised last month.
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*A German builder admitted stealing hundreds of pairs of ladies' knickers because he likes to wear them for work.
Police arrested the 23-year-old for stealing pants from neighbours' washing lines after he was trapped by one of his victims.
Ingrid Volkmann, 53, had her hubby install a motion sensor under the washing line to catch the thief.
After he was arrested, the man reportedly told police: "I like wearing women's knickers to work but was too embarrassed to buy any myself, which is why I took my neighbours."
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