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Thursday, July 07, 2005

You Can't Be Witty When People Are Dying 

I was trying to come up with something interesting and witty today, but after sitting here all morning watching the atrocity that happened in London this morning I just can’t work my way into it. I can not even begin to imagine going through something like this. Of course the people in New York and Spain, along with many other countries and cities, DO understand.
The fact that this was planned to happen at the beginning of G8 makes no sense to me at all. We get all the leaders of many many countries together to try to find a way to rid the world of poverty and war, and then a terrorist group does this awful thing.
Will THIS be the wake-up call that the world needs? Will more countries NOW understand what the fight against terrorism is all about? England is a small country. Will the neighboring countries stand up and say “Hey, that was a little too close to home!”?
We can only hope so.

**A message to Boner and Deepblue: Though I haven't spoken to either of you in quite awhile, I hope you and your families are safe.**


I read a statement from David Gilmour (of Pink Floyd) saying that any profits he receives from increased record sales due to Live8 will be immediately turned over to charity. He says that this concert event was meant to promote charity and he refuses to profit from it.
He will be handing over money too because record sales of all of the artists participating in the event have jumped.
I say GOOD FOR HIM!!!!!
Maybe he will influence some of the other artists to do the same.
Again……we can only hope.


Hurricane Dennis has just been upgraded to a category 2, but is still slightly south of Cuba. As of now the track is taking it just west of us. We here on the west coast of Florida have gotten to the point where we pay no attention to the track until AFTER it passes over Cuba. In most instances Cuba acts like a bumper in a pinball machine with the hurricane being the ball. You never know for sure which way the ball will go until after it hits the bumper.
Because of this I am going to go out shortly and mow the grass instead of waiting for the weekend. If I wait and the storm does come closer, my yard will be a soggy mess again and I won’t be able to mow until it dries out, which means my grass would be a foot high.
It’s hot as blazes outside, but I’ve had to deal with worse. I refuse to give in to heat!


I keep hearing odd noises outside but I don’t know where they are coming from. Either I have ghosts in my yard or one of my neighbors is up to something. It’s rare for me to hear anything outside during the week because I am one of the only ones home during the day.
I am betting it is the ghost of the dead truck in my back yard. He’s probably begging to be let out of his misery.
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