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Sunday, July 24, 2005

Sand Storms and Taco Bell 

Apparently there is a sand storm coming to Florida tomorrow (Monday). The sand storm originated in the Sahara Desert and has made its way, as a cloud, all of the way here. While that sounds freaky it’s not like we are going to get blasted with sand on the ground or anything. The cloud is pretty high and it should alter the look and color of the sky for awhile. They are issuing warnings for anyone with respiratory problems to stay indoors “just in case.” I am hoping it is nice enough to take some pictures of.


I am sitting here watching “World’s Most Amazing Videos” on Spike TV. This has got to be the MOST disturbing show ever put on television. I just watched a magician who was doing a fire breathing act set his whole face on fire! I hate shows like this because even though I get so upset, I still can’t change the channel.


I hate ants. I can handle spiders and I love snakes, but ants send me over the edge. When I was pregnant I happened to sit on a stump that was infested with fire ants. I ended up with a massive amount of bites and could only lie on my stomach for days. Try lying on your stomach for hours on end when you are 7 months pregnant. Since then ants are the only things that really give me the willies. I take great pleasure in killing them. MWA-HA-HA!!!


Taco Bell’s new good to go campaign is STUPID. The commercials irritate the heck out of me. Trust me; the ads do NOT make me want to go there to eat.


Well, could this have been any more boring? Doubt it!
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