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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Pizza Dreams - Beats TV Any Day 

I learned a lesson last night that I probably should have learned many years ago.

*Never eat half a pizza and then go to bed.*

After my pizza I took a shower and went to bed at 12:30am. By 2:30am I had to give up and get out of bed. I kept having the weirdest dreams that would wake me up feeling lost.

Dream #1 – I walked into a Walgreens only the store was twice as big as it should have been. Standing in the doorway I couldn’t remember what I had come to buy. I got a cart and went up and down every aisle looking at every item until I would see something that I remembered wanting to buy. When I had made the rounds through the whole store (which seemed to take forever) I realized I had left my wallet in the truck. I took my cart to the register and asked the cashier if I could leave the cart with her for safe keeping while I ran out to get my wallet. I was parked right outside of the door and I returned in less than a minute ready to pay only to find out that they had emptied my cart and put everything back. I started to cry because I couldn’t remember what was in the cart and I knew I was going to have to do the whole thing over again. (I woke up in a sweat all upset.)

Dream #2 – No matter how hard I tried I couldn’t get the light in the ceiling fan over my desk to come on. I tried using the remote and nothing happened. I tried pulling on the chain and nothing happened. I tried changing the batteries in the remote. I tried changing the light bulb. Nothing I did would make the light come on. Different people started coming over trying to show me how to turn the light on. Every one of them could get it to work, but no matter how hard I tried I could get the light to come on.
(I woke up terribly frustrated.)

Dream #3 – It was midnight but the sky was as still as bright as if it were 5:00pm. Everyone in the whole neighborhood was standing outside looking at the sky trying to figure out what was wrong. More and more people started coming out and everyone was getting upset. Suddenly the sky went dark and starry just like someone had flipped a light switch. Then everyone just shrugged and went in their houses to go back to bed.
(I woke up puzzled.)

Dream #4 – Ap0k had left for work and I had sat down at my computer to check my forums like normal. About 15 minutes later Ap0k came back home and started yelling at me because I hadn’t made him enough lunch to take with him. He said he had already finished what I had made and how did I expect him to survive on such a measly amount of food. I tried to explain that I had given him everything I could find in the kitchen, but he kept saying it wasn’t enough. Then he went on a tirade about how I never cook him enough food at any meal. I got mad and told him I was never going to cook for him again and that as far as I was concerned he could go back to eating lunch at Wendy’s every day.
Then Ap0k started crying because he said he loved my cooking, he just wanted more of it. I went in the kitchen and started grabbing pans and throwing them out the back door.
(I woke up sweating and MAD. I wanted to reach over and smack Ap0k, but then I woke up enough to realize I had been dreaming.)

After that last dream I finally said to hell with it and came back out in the living room.

Moral of the story is: Never eat pizza right before bed, even if you do have a cast iron stomach!!!!
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