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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Gator Skeeters Are Eating Me Alive! 

I walked outside for 5 minutes this evening and now I am one giant mosquito bite!
I swear to god that we don’t have normal mosquitoes in Florida. I think what we have are Gator Skeeters. They lie in wait, hiding, giving you a false sense of security. Just when you are feeling nice and comfortable, WHAMMO!, they attack. They don’t leave normal bite bumps either, these are huge and painful. Sometimes you would swear you were getting stung by a wasp instead of a measly little mosquito.
What’s scary is that mosquitos carry West Nile Virus and 4 chickens in Pinellas County were just found to have it. It’s hard for humans to contract the virus, but it still gives you the willies when you think about it.


I have made my final decision on the design for my next tattoo. I think Ap0k will be happy with it. I want to keep it a surprise so I can’t say yet what the design is yet.
Now all I need is the money.


Someone on TCRF is going to be busy for awhile so he has offered me his server space to post some movies on. I will try to find something good to post in the morning. I have been wanting to make another music video so maybe I will make a stab at that. Some people find it odd that I make porn music videos, but hey, everyone needs a hobby.
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