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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Fireworks With Big Head Todd 

People have been shooting off M80s around here for the last 2 days. In fact I think that some of them are larger than M80s. I keep expecting to hear sirens because some fool blew his head off or something.
I find fireworks to be one of the biggest wastes of money on the planet. I think it would be more fun to just light my money on fire. There are fireworks tents and stores all over the place in this area. What I don’t understand is how people can willingly fork over so much money for such lame items. Legal fireworks are a joke. The most they do it go *POP*. Wow, how exciting!
I DO understand the fascination with M80’s and higher. At least those give you a bang for your buck. I know one guy who makes them every 4th of July and New Years. I just know he is going to blow himself up one day.
I saw on the news yesterday that a guy here in Tampa had bought a bunch of stuff to make illegal fireworks. He had all of the supplies in the back of his pick-up. During the night something went bad and the stuff exploded right in the truck. What if he had been handling them or was even just standing by the truck at the time?
Silly people with their need to go *BOOM*!


How are you spending your 4th of July weekend? I am doing laundry and hanging around the house. We went to Walmart last night. Ap0k is playing a racing game now. Man, are we patriotic or what?
I would like to go to see the fireworks tomorrow night. They are right down the road in the mall parking lot. We would be able to see them from our yard if it weren’t for a few giant trees that get in the way. It would be nice if we had a couple bicycles. We could ride down there in just a couple minutes and not have to worry about where to park the car.


I thought you might like to see a picture of Big Head Todd. Todd is a stray. He’s very old and very tore up. Every few weeks he shows up under my carport. He eats like a pig and sleeps for days. Then he disappears again. I don’t think he’s ever been anyone’s cat. He may look nasty and mean, but he’s actually very nice. All he wants is for someone to pet his head now and then. What is really icky about him is that he drools like a gila monster.
Most people back away from him because he looks like he would bite. I know he’s just a softy on the inside.

Isn't he gorgeous!
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