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Friday, June 17, 2005

What If I Were In Charge? 

I would quite possibly make the world’s worst politician because I have no sympathy for criminals at all.
While the phrase “You do the crime, you do the time” may seem trite and outdated to some of you, I feel it is still one of the best statements out there.

Here in the Tampa Bay area there is a big controversy going on over sexual offenders and/or predators being allowed in hurricane shelters.
Hillsborough County Sheriff David Gee is trying to pass a Policy that will bar these criminals from being allowed into public storm shelters. I support this move 100%. Advocacy groups are saying that this violates the criminal’s rights, but I call BULLSHIT on that. I think that if you have committed a sexual crime then you should have ALL of your rights removed.
In my opinion, anyone convicted of a sexual crime, should be shot. I don’t care if the crime was committed against an adult or a child, I say shoot them on the spot. Sexual criminals cannot be “cured” because these crimes are a reaction to a sexual thought.
If a sexual criminal were to show up at a storm shelter that I was running, I wouldn’t care if there was a category 5 hurricane raging outside. I would not let them in. They can blow away with the rest of the trash out there as far as I’m concerned.
Should we shelter them in the jails? Well first off, that is where they should be anyway, but due to faulty laws regarding sex crimes these “people” are out walking the streets. We can’t be opening the jails to anyone during an emergency situation. That is how things go wrong.
While I do support this new policy with every fiber of my being, I can see where it is going to be tough to implement. When shelters are staffed by volunteers it will be next to impossible to keep these criminals out. Some have said that we could distribute pictures of the criminals to all of the shelters, but with over 1,300 convicted sexual predators and offenders in Hillsborough County alone it will be difficult at best for the shelter volunteers to match faces and pictures in an emergency situation.
It is a good plan, but it needs some serious thought in how to get it to actually work.

Now we move on to prison overcrowding.
I am sick to death of prisoner advocacy groups complaining about prison overcrowding, prisoner’s rights, etc etc.
If you did something stupid enough to land you in prison I don’t care if you are uncomfortable! In fact, if it were up to me, prisons wouldn’t have heat or air conditioning. I would feed you the bear minimum to keep you alive. Why should the general population of law abiding citizens have to pay for you to be comfortable? There are so many people in the U.S. that go to work every day and still can’t feed their own children. THOSE are the people that need our help, not criminals! Why should we stock your libraries when the public libraries are suffering? Trust me, if you murdered someone, I really don’t care about your feelings.

White Collar Crimes?
If someone embezzled money, forged checks, or screwed with the stock market, I would bet that sending them to a REAL prison instead of a country club would changed their ways. The country club prisons have to stop. When Martha Stewart was sent to “prison” she participated in (and lost) a CRAFT COMPETITION!!!!! Now that to me is totally ridiculous. What message is this sending to white collar criminals? If I get caught I will have to go stay at the hotel. Oh Boo-Hoo! If Martha had been sent to a real prison I bet she wouldn’t have looked so relaxed and refreshed when they let her out.

Prostitution should be legalized.
Who does prostitution hurt besides the prostitute themselves and the “john” that picks them up? Yes underage prostitution should be banned, but arresting the underage girls and letting them right back out to do it again is not helping them at all.
Prostitutes who are 18 or over though should just be left alone. Yes they may be hurting the “john’s” spouse, but that is a personal issue and does not affect me.

Marijuana should be legalized.
Even though I have not smoked it in 20 years, I still think marijuana should be legalized. It’s not the evil drug that some people say it is. In fact, how many of those people drink alcohol? Alcohol is a much worse drug than marijuana ever could be. But of course politicians drink, so that will never change.
As for those who want to ban medical usage of marijuana I have one question to as them. “Are you mad???” Why would you want to deny someone who is in pain the only drug that will help them? Selfish bastards!

Where you convicted of a murder?
If you are convicted of a murder then you should shot. No, I take that back. You should be chained to a tree and the family of the victim should be allowed full access to do whatever they wish to you.

Robbers beware!
If you are convicted of robbing someone I think you should have to not only pay the person back immediately, but you should also have to give up some of your possessions totaling the amount of the property you stole. This property should go to charity. It will teach you what it feels like to loose your stuff. You have no money and can’t pay it back you say? Well then you should have to get a job and have your check handed over to your victim. You don’t show up to work, your ass goes back to jail where it should be anyway!

The above thoughts are just a small representation of why I would make a lousy politician. I would try to pass laws that would never pass because too many people are overly worried about criminal’s human rights.
If the misguided prisoner advocates would focus their energies on more worthy causes such as children’s rights then maybe the world would be a better place.
Instead of worrying if a prisoner is comfortable, shouldn’t we be worrying if a child is safe?
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