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Monday, June 27, 2005

What Do You Want? 

What are your sexual preferences in regards to looks and physical attributes?
Is there a certain body type you look for? Do you find different face shapes more appealing than others? Are you drawn to a particular hair color?

Everyone has different tastes for different things. Some like big butts with little boobs, while others like the exact opposite. Some people like stick thin girls, while others prefer very large girls. What one person finds totally sexy can turn another person completely off.

Take me for instance. I am drawn towards larger guys with dark hair and blue eyes. If a guy doesn’t weigh at least 75 pounds more than me I rarely give them a second look. I am not talking about fat guys either. I am a huge fan of muscles. To me a guy needs to look like he could pick up the refrigerator for you when you want to sweep under it. I am not a small woman and I prefer a guy who can pick me up and toss me around like I am a lightweight. The guy also has to be at least 5’11” minimum. I am 5’9” and I have to be able to look up into his face. Being so tall myself I like having a guy that makes me feel shorter. If a guy weighs less than about 240 pounds I have no real attraction to them at all. I also love the combination of dark hair (preferably brown) and blue/grey eyes. Blonde hair on a guy totally freaks me out for some reason. Definitely no red heads either! The only red head I ever dated was a complete and utter ass. He was so bad that he managed to turn me off of red heads for life! Also a guy’s hair must be cut very very short. Long hair on a guy looks ridiculous!
I am a sucker for size. Big arms, big chest, big thighs, big calves, and big butts are a must. Of course a big dick is a requirement too! I have no use for little weenies.
One of the main things I look at is a guys hands. I like rough manly hands. If a guy has soft hands that tends to tell me that he doesn’t do any manual type labor. What use is a guy if he doesn’t work with his hands?
I cannot stand the “metro-sexual” types. All I ask is that you wash and wear clean clothes. A guy who spends all his time primping and preening with lotions and potions is just silly in my opinion. Be a man! Wash with a bar of soap. Men don’t need all of the shower gels, powders, and perfumes. If I want to smell something flowery I will smell myself. If you insist on using some of these products at least stick with “guy smells” like Brut.
Of course there are other requirements, but they are not so much physical as mental. A guy MUST understand and know how to fix cars. For some reason, guys who don’t understand how a car works, or a guy who can’t even change his own oil piss me off beyond all reason. If you can’t rebuild an engine I probably have no use for you.
A guy must also be able to use and fix computers. I like a guy that can wake up in the middle of the night and fix my computer while he’s 2/3rds asleep. This one isn’t AS important anymore because I have learned to fix most computer problems myself.

I am sure that I have probably offended several men with this post. If I did, I apologize. It was not my intention to offend, only to inform. I am also sure that there are a lot of women who will disagree with what I have said. That was the point of this post. While I prefer large strong (smart) men, other women prefer the small wimpy types. I know that in reality I am a complete throwback when it comes to my tastes in guys. I want a man to be a man. I want a man that can control me without overpowering me. I want a man that can protect me from most anything. I want a man that makes me feel like a woman. I want a man that takes charge when circumstances warrant it. I want a man that can put his foot down when I act up too much. But I also want a man that knows where the line is, and never crosses it.

In the end, I guess I want my husband, because reading over what I have written I see that I have described him pretty much perfectly.
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