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Wednesday, June 22, 2005

That Vagina Sure Has Some Pretty Teeth! 

Sigmund Freud is of course thought of as the father of psychiatry. In my mind though, I have always thought of him as the father of idiocy.

His whole Oedipus Complex theory is, to me at least, one of the silliest things I have ever heard of. This theory states that most, if not all, children (especially boys) have at one point or another wanted to have sex with their opposite sex parent. I don’t know about you, but I can honestly say that that particular thought has NEVER crossed my mind.

Freud also had some strange views on sex and masturbation in general. He felt that giving in to sexual desires, including masturbation, meant that your unconscious mind had triumphed over your conscious mind. I would have that that sexual desires WERE conscious thoughts? On that one I admit I could be wrong.

One of the more bizarre theories that Freud thought up was the Sadistic-Anal phase of psychosexual development. This theory states that a child’s pleasure in defecation is a result of wanting to create something of his own.

I know that a lot of Freud’s theories do hold water. I will not argue that fact. But if you take just this one quote from Freud, “psychology too is unable to solve the riddle of feminity”, you will see that the man really had no clue as to what was going on in the heads of his patients. In fact he had a theory that most women want to cut their husbands penises off. Penis envy at it’s finest!

I was reading up on some things last night and I came across the most bizarre thing I have ever read. At first I thought it was a joke, so I did more research. Turns out that it was true……

Vagina Dentata (toothed vagina) was a fear that Freud said many men suffer from. Not only teeth, but weapons hidden in the vagina make men fear that their penises will be devoured. At first I was dumb-struck. What kind of man would think of such a thing? Why would they think a vagina could castrate them? After reading more I found out that this has been a common myth throughout history from many parts of the world. During the Viet Nam War there was an urban legend type rumor going around that prostitutes had razors hidden in their vaginas. Men, let me just tell you this, that would not work! If a girl carried a razor in her vagina and took even one step, she would cut herself to shreds!

As for the whole teeth part of the theory, I found out that a woman CAN get toothlike substances in her vagina!! A buildup of dermoid cysts can form on the outer layers of embryonic skin cells. These buildups are able to mature into bone, teeth, or hair. YIKES!
This can happen anywhere that the skin folds in to become another organ such as the ear or the vagina. Well I think that is just too freaky!!! Of course this only happens in the rarest of circumstances, but still, isn’t that an awful thought. So I guess on that theory Freud may have been on to something. Though I have never met a man who thought a vagina would eat his penis.

So all you guys out there who think that vaginas are evil and that women want to bite your penises off……you just might be right!!!
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