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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Thursday, June 02, 2005

It's Time To Swim On Your Own 

That’s it, no more money. The bank is closed. The account has gone dry.
We have tried to be the best parents we could, but now it’s time to swim on your own. We had a nice little bank account going, but over the last 6 months you two have managed to drain it almost dry. One of you is 19, the other is 21. I think you should be able to take care of yourselves at least a little bit.
Of course we will never let either of you starve. Our kitchen is open 24 hours a day. We will also never let you sleep on the street. The couch is always there for either of you.
Try to remember that Ap0k is only one person with one job. It’s hard for him to cover everything for every one. He’s covered rent and he’s covered utilities. He’s bought your groceries and your clothes. He’s bought one of you a car. He’s bought you furniture. Now today he paid off one of your boyfriend’s cars so it wouldn’t be repossessed. All he ever asks for in return is to be treated like a human. A simple thank you goes a long way. Unfortunately those are few and far between, especially from the boyfriend. You know he will do anything for you, but the handing over of money has to stop. I am sitting here in a half remodeled house. I am missing half of my drywall. Now that I have no money left it will have to stay like this even longer. Sure, we could put it on the credit cards, but we would still have to pay for it. That’s why we had saved all of that money up.
It’s time for you both to get jobs, and keep them. I know that sometimes jobs suck, but you can’t keep quitting them when you don’t have another lined up.
You know we love you both to death and we will continue to do whatever we can to HELP you, unfortunately we can’t keep doing EVERYTHING for you.

We love you both.
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