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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Intentional Or Not - Sometimes You Hurt Other People 

Tropical Storm Arlene has come and gone.
I have to just shake my head and laugh because after two weeks of daily torrential rains we get a couple light showers during a tropical storm. How funny is that?
Don’t get me wrong, I am NOT complaining!

What makes internet “friends” disappear? When you have spoken to someone on almost a daily basis for a few years don’t they realize how it makes you feel when they disappear with no explanation? Am I the only one that can’t just toss people aside like that? I am part of a group that has been together for many many years. Last year we lost two of the people out of nowhere. No explanation was ever given. A couple of months ago another guy left our group. Again there was no real explanation given. I know he is still “around” though because he still updates his blog quite often. When he first left he would still leave me comments here now and then. Now he doesn’t even do that. It’s kind of hurtful when I see him leave replies to other people. If I had done something to him I could understand, but as far as I know none of us ever did anything remotely wrong.
Not one of us took these friendships lightly. We felt about these people the same way we would feel about someone we spoke to face-to-face. We felt almost like these people were extended family. Unfortunately they apparently didn’t feel the same way about us. Live and learn I guess. You never know what people will do.
If you are one of the guys I am talking about, we miss you. I hope you know that when you left you took a piece of our hearts with you.
I am sure most of you will see this as silly, but hey, at least I am a heartfelt silly person.
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