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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Hi, I'm AGFH And I'm An Insomniac 

Does anyone else have trouble sleeping?
I can’t sleep to save my life anymore. As soon as I fall asleep, BOOM, I’m awake again. The tiniest little noise will wake me up. I do mean tiny too. One of the kittens can sneeze in the kitchen and I will wake up. The air conditioner comes on or off and I wake up. Then of course it seems I can go all day and not have to pee, but the minute I fall asleep I have to pee every five minutes.
It doesn’t help that Ap0k tends to sweat when he sleeps. Sometimes I have to totally uncover to let the heat escape. Of course I sweat now and then too, but usually only when I don’t feel well.

I’ve tried all of the tricks that people recommend like making the room as dark as possible, making the bedroom a “sleep-only” room (except for sex of course!), not taking naps, etc, etc.
The problem with the no-nap rule is that since I don’t get any sleep at night I am miserable during the day. So of course I lay down to take a nap which never lasts very long.

Another problem I have a lot of times is that the minute I fall asleep someone either calls on the phone or comes over to the house. The phone I can ignore by turning it to vibrate, but how do you ignore someone knocking on the door? I figure I’m awake now anyway, might as well let them in.

Some people say that I must be stressed about something, but really I am not. This sleep problem has been going on for years. I can’t think of one thing I would have been stressed about for that long. Except for maybe being stressed over the lack of sleep. Now THERE is a thought!

Maybe once a week I sleep all night long. The next day I feel FABULOUS, but then night rolls around and there I am, wide awake again. It gets very annoying to say the least. Ap0k doesn’t understand it at all. I think he has an off switch on the back of his head that flips the minute he hits the pillow. That is so unfair!
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