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Thursday, June 09, 2005

The Greatest American? 

Who would you pick as the Greatest American in history?
The Discovery Channel is holding a POLL to see what the American public thinks. You can vote by phone, text, or online. The results will be shown on Sunday June 19th at 9:00 pm EST.

At this time the poll is down to 25 people. From the 25 people listed, who would you choose? Would you choose someone else entirely?

Ap0k and I talked this over several times before we finally selected our choice. Actually there were only two people that we ever seriously considered.
They were Bill Gates and Muhammad Ali.

Bill Gates has done a lot not only for America, but for the whole world too. Among his accomplishments are; co-founding Microsoft with Paul Allen, developed BASIC with Paul Allen, developed MS-DOS, along with wife Melinda created a foundation that has donated many Billions of dollars to worthy causes too numerous to mention.

Muhammad Ali is best known as one of the world’s greatest boxers. He also went through a very bad time with the US government in 1967 when he refused his induction into the US Army stating that he was a conscientious objector and that his religious beliefs forbid him to fight in a war. Because of this he lost his boxing license and was stripped of his World Heavyweight title. Found guilty of violating the Selective Service Act he was sentenced to 5 years in prison. After a long court battle the Supreme Court eventually overturned the ruling. Through the whole ordeal Ali never wavered in his beliefs though he had lost his title and most, if not all, of his money. He was fighting not only for himself, but also for others who felt the Viet Nam War was unjust. After his conviction was overturned he was given his boxing license back and eventually regained the World Heavyweight title.
Since retiring from boxing, Ali has campaigned for several Democratic candidates, and has been involved in many political causes involving children and poverty.

In the end we chose Muhammad Ali.

Bill Gates is a very smart and generous man, but Muhammad Ali’s acts during the Viet Nam War empowered other people to stand up for both their beliefs and their rights.

Did you notice that Elvis is in the top 25? I find this almost offensive. The man was a great entertainer yes, but that was pretty much all he was. An entertainer who died of a drug overdose. Not so great in my opinion, though I am sure he will get a ton of votes.
Henry Ford and the Wright Brothers are good candidates. Without them we could still be traveling by horse and buggy.
Einstein and Edison are worthy.
No way I would vote for Oprah. I can't stand anything about her.

Who would you pick?
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