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Saturday, June 18, 2005

Fun In The Sun....Or Something Like that 

The next time I decide to mow the lawn when the heat index is 104 º please remind me of just how bad I felt when I was done. But hey, my Claritin worked wonders! Normally at this time of year there is no way I can mow because about ¼ of the way through I can’t breathe. (Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you that it finally quit raining every day.)
I waited until almost 4:30pm to start hoping that it had cooled off a bit. Boy was I mistaken! I wanted to wait for another day, but for some reason the grass doesn’t stop growing when I ask it to. In fact I wonder if it gets offended and grows even faster?
It ended up taking me quite awhile to get it finished because half-way though I had to take a break. I came in and sat in the air conditioning for about 15 minutes until I felt like wasn't going to die anymore.
In the end, by the time I was done I was a dirty filthy mess. In all honesty though, I did feel pretty good. Sometimes I just have to be outside regardless of the weather.
Bit by bit the grass is starting to take over the driveway so in the morning I am going to go out and dig out the edges again. If I am feeling real ambitious I may try to do the gutters too.

This weekend should be fun-filled! I am going to do more yard work; Ap0k is going to change his tires and radiator. Tomorrow is my mother’s birthday so I am sure we will end up going out to dinner with my family. As for Sunday, we will probably just hang around like normal. And yes, the “fun-filled” WAS sarcasm.
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