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Saturday, June 25, 2005

Do I Have No Life, Or Am I Just Getting Old? 

When you are overly excited about getting a new weed eater with interchangeable edger and blower heads is that a sign that you have no life or does that indicate you are getting old?
Last night we went to Home Depot and bought a new Ryobi weed eater. We also got the edger and blower attachments to go along with it. Actually we ended up having to go to a second Home Depot to get the edger because apparently they are very popular and sell out as soon as they get them in.
Ap0k and I spent several hours working on the yard today. I mowed while he cut some limbs out of a tree. We used the new weed eater, which blows the old one away. We edged the yard which was a major task because it has never been properly done before.
We live on a corner so there is a lot of curb and the grass had made it all the way out to the street. Shameful!
It looks amazingly good now.
Why do I always feel such a sense of accomplishment when the yard is finished? Is that silly?
We really REALLY need to paint the house. It is looking so sad right now. I would need to pressure wash it first because the sun has dried the paint out so badly that it is turning to dust. What color should it be? It is an awful beige now and I want to get totally away from that.

Now that you see how much the yard means to me, what is your guess?
Do I have no life or am I getting old?
Or maybe I just like a pretty yard?
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