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Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Black Propaganda - Using Sex To Win The War 

Napier posted a movie recently on TCRF that was filmed to look like an old anti-Nazi propaganda porn film. Of course it is not an original of the time because it is too technologically advanced. The movie is pretty much bondage based and depicts what appear to be Nazi soldiers having their way with American and/or English women.
This got me to wondering how sex was actually used in propaganda during the various wars.

Of course everyone knows what propaganda is. But how many of you have heard of Black Propaganda?

White Propaganda is from a documented source.
Grey Propaganda is from an unknown source.
Black Propaganda purports to be from one side, but is actually from the other side. It is used mainly to embarrass or misrepresent the enemy. Documents are altered or made up entirely.

Black propaganda was used during World War I of course, but during World War II it turned to pornography.
Mostly in leaflet form, this type of propaganda was meant to break a soldier’s hearts and morale.
Some of it started out pretty harmless actually. “'German soldier! Who is screwing your wife or buggering your son at home while you shiver at the front?” was used by the English Government. Of course it didn’t stop there.

One German leaflet shows an American woman having a sexual encounter with a dog.
The text reads:
"The woman alone without a man tries to get her pleasure any way she can. Her clitoris itches and burns like fire, and the dog's tongue performs miracles!"
Well you pretty much can’t get any raunchier than that!

Most of the leaflets depicted the “enemy” having sex with girls from the target country, or “girls from home” having sex with non-soldiers.

Sexually explicit Black Propaganda has been used during all major wars since WWII. Some people, such as the Viet Cong, did not use figures of naked women in their leaflets, but they did use references to sex.

Did the US use Black Propaganda? Not “officially” of course because we have restrictions on that sort of thing. Unofficially though there have been leaflets found, though they are few, that apparently did come from the US.

While this form of propaganda is meant to be a morale breaker, it has almost the opposite effect. Soldiers from all countries have always collected and traded the leaflets like baseball cards.

If you would like to read more on this subject, or you would like to see some very good examples of the leaflets themselves, then you will want to visit This Page. It is chock full of information and pictures.

I for one have found this to be a pretty fascinating subject.
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