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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Precious Things 

Do you have any possessions that you can’t get rid of? Things that you could never bear to part with? Items that someone would have to break your arms to get them away from you?

Here is my list of priceless possessions, in no particular order:

1. My change cup. My daughter made me a decorated change cup when she was 5 years old (she’s 19 now.) It is a Styrofoam cup decorated with dolls cut out of wrapping paper, buttons, and yarn. It still sits on my desk to this day. Ap0k puts his loose change in it, and when it’s full I dump it in the bog change box.
2. My stuffed mountain goat. It is the very first thing Ap0k ever gave to me. He’s the cutest thing, all hairy with neat little horns. I had known him only a couple of days when he gave it to me.
3. All of my daughter’s kindergarten work. I have a box full of all of the work she brought home from kindergarten. Art papers, math, her first spelling test (she got a 100%!), everything. She didn’t even realize that I still had the box until about 2 weeks ago. She was surprised!
4. My wedding and engagement rings. They belonged to Ap0k’s grandmother. His ring was his grandfather’s. He proposed to me in the middle of the woods in North Florida. It was the most romantic thing EVER! To add to the specialness, the rings fit me perfectly. No adjustment was needed at all. They were meant for my hand. Actually if someone wanted to steal them they would literally have to cut my finger off. Somehow, about 10 years ago, I managed to slightly flatten the bottom of my wedding ring. Now it won’t slide over my knuckle. It hasn’t been off since then.
5. My Ernie Banks signed baseball. For a born and bred Cubs fan, what could be cooler than a ball signed by Mr. Cub himself? It’s in a nice little display box and sits on my desk.
6. Most of my books. I have shelves and shelves and stacks and stacks of books. While there are a few I could part with, for the most part they have to stay. I have spent too many years collecting them to ever get rid of them. Some are pretty much irreplaceable.
7. The structural and civil plans for Raymond James Stadium. That is the biggest job I ever did without a doubt. Once in a while I get the plans out and marvel at them. It may sound odd, but just looking at bits of them bring back really strong memories.
8. My camera. This may sound like an odd one, but I have never had such a nice camera before. It takes the most amazing pictures and videos. I have a 1 gig memory card to go with it so there are plenty of pictures to be taken. On our Chicago trip I took 325 pictures at 2576x1932 and almost 45 minutes worth of video and I still had 300MB of space left on the card. It also has a photo printer that makes photoshop quality prints. Goodness, I sound like a salesman for Kodak!
9. My computers. I would die without them I think. When I only had one and I would screw it up I would go through serious withdrawal until Ap0k could get home to fix it. Now that I have the laptop too I just switch back and forth between them. Life is gooooooood!

I am going to stop the list here. I am sure if I thought about it I could come up with more, but these things are my favorites. So paws off!!!

What are YOUR most prized possessions?
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