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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

The One Million Dollar Nurse 

What would you do if you were handed a check for one million dollars?

If I were to win a million dollars, the very first thing I would do is faint dead away.
After resuscitation I would shut my mouth! I wouldn’t tell ANYONE including Ap0k for the time being.

The very first thing I would do is buy Ap0k a new Porsche 911. He has always wanted one, and surprising him with the car and telling him I had won the money would be too fun. I would hold off on buying myself a new vehicle for awhile because there is absolutely nothing wrong with the truck I have now. I would probably get it a new paint job I guess.

Next I would start looking for a new house. I would stay in the same area of course, but a larger house with a 3-car garage and a separate workshop would be awesome.
While looking for a new house I would be having this one renovated by professionals. When complete I would give this house to my daughter and my litter sister to share.

Once I found a new house for the 2 of us, I would become a shopping fool. I would furnish it with all of the nifty things I’ve always wanted.
*The Whirlpool front loading washer and dryer I drool over every time I see them. My current laundry room is a small room attached to our carport. I couldn’t make myself pay that much for them now when I would have to keep them out there.
*A regulation size pool table. I used to be on a league and I miss playing.
*A 60” or larger television. The bigger the better I always say. With the way Ap0k loves his movies, a giant screen TV would be great.
*A professional chef style stove and oven. It has always been my dream to have a professional style kitchen. I really like to cook, but have never had the room it takes in reality.
*A spa and sauna. For some reason Ap0k has always wanted these. The spa I could see, but there is no way on earth you would get me in the sauna. I am way too claustrophobic for that!

I can’t think of much else, which I guess is a good thing. With all of the stuff I want it would have to have a petty big house. Maybe I should rethink the spa and sauna! That seems a tad extravagant doesn’t it?
OK, I got carried away there with my wish list. Though in all honesty, the majority of it I would still get. Maybe not the pool table though.

I would buy new clothes for me, Ap0k, daughter, and little sister. I might buy daughter and little sister each a new car. That would depend on how they had been acting.

I would put the rest of the money (what little is left) in the bank for a rainy day.

Hmmmmm, this has been a pretty stupid post.

Ap0k is having surgery tomorrow. That means I get to play nurse for the next few days. I won’t be able to sleep in the same bed with him either. Boooooo!!!!!

Why do I feel like my medication is on overdrive?
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