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Saturday, May 14, 2005

My Childhood - Revisited 

Have had a really good day here in Chicago!!!!
After landing at Midway airport, we made a quick trip up and down Lake Shore Drive before heading to Indiana.
Ap0k wanted to go to Elkhart to see where I had grown up. After 20 years all he had heard was stories. This way he was able to actually put some scenery with the stories.
I have wanted to go back there for the last several years. I left Elkhart 25 years ago and I just had to see if it was still the same.
For the most part Elkhart has changed hardly at all. If anything I think it may have gotten shoddier. But then again, maybe my memories are rosier than reality ever was.
It was so odd being back there. I took tons of pics to take back to my parents.
We spent a couple hours there, which was alot of time considering how small the town actually is. After the trip down memory lane we headed back to Chicago.

It's a little after 10pm now and I am sitting in the hotel. Ap0k is already alseep of course. I have no idea how he can fall asleep SO fast.

Tomorrow we are going to The Field Museum and Shedd Aquarium. Our flight home doesn't leave until just after 8pm so we have plenty of time to do both.

Surprise vacations kick ass!!!
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