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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Monday, May 09, 2005

My Babies 

I have talked about my cats many times here. Several people have written me to ask if I could post some pictures of them.
Well, how could I refuse?
I took pictures Saturday of the ones that would sit still. Have you ever noticed that a cat is almost always in constant motion? I must have taken 20 pictures that had to be deleted immediately because they were just a blur of fur.

This is Manny. She may look small and cute, but she is a terror! She got the name Manny because when she was a baby she looked just like a manatee.

This is Tiggy with her new babies. She is the sweetest cat you will ever meet! I can’t think of even one time where she has caused any trouble.

Now we come to Tippy. Tippy is a “special” cat. He was not finished cooking when he was born so it took a lot of care from me and Ap0k to keep him alive. He was so small and so cold that we had to hold him almost constantly. We even had to keep him in the bed with us. Now he is as healthy as a cat can be. He is also completely attached to Ap0k. He will never be able to go outside because he is not afraid of anything. He even rides on the vacuum cleaner.

This little girl is Cal. She is a big fat fluffy calico. She’s a sweet undemanding cat. If you want to hold or pet her she is happy. But if you aren’t in the mood to hold her she just waits patiently until you are.

Next we come to Jiggy. Jiggy looked exactly like Tiggy when she was born so her official name is Junior Tiggy, Jiggy for short. She’s a very skittish cat. She freaks out at loud noises and is always SURE you are going to step on her. Silly cat, but I love her to death.

This is my big boy. His name is Hammy, short for Hamtaro. He was a dead on double for Hamtaro when he was little. For a large male that is an in-and-out cat he has a very calm temperament. His favorite thing is to be scratched and rubbed as hard as possible. You gotta love the fangs!

These are the unnamed babies. I am refusing to name them because once they have a name; I can’t get rid of them. Most already have homes waiting for them as soon as they are ready to leave their mom.

I have a few other cats also. Tal, HB, and Ellery, but they refused to sit still for pictures.
Most people think I am crazy for having so many cats. I can understand that I guess. My cats are part of my family. They are well fed, well taken care of, and well cleaned up after, and well spoiled. Ap0k may grumble about them now and then, but he is the first person to baby them.
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