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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

A Little Of This, And A Little Of That 

I was reading a post on one of the forums today regarding sexual fantasy partners. Everyone was naming off actors, actresses, and musicians. I tried to come up with one, but for the life of me couldn’t think of even one person.
Some people were saying that during sex they think about people other than the person they are with. I can’t ever remember doing that.
Does that make me dull or unimaginable? No, I think that makes me completely satisfied with I have.


Do I have “Bank Of AGFH” tattooed on my forehead? It seems like every time I turn around someone is asking me for money. Today it was my nephew. He called and said he needed $20. I gave it to him, but I did tell him that when it comes time to hang the new drywall he has to help. The boy is as big as me so it won’t kill him to lend a hand. That should be interesting. Getting him to do manual labor is like trying to squeeze blood from a stone.


It’s lightning bad outside. Well of course outside, it doesn’t lightning inside! Oh wait, that’s not true. One time a lightning ball came right through my grandmother’s kitchen window and exploded on her dining room table.
About 16 years ago we were living in north Florida in the middle of the woods. One afternoon there was a terrific lightning storm going on and a bolt hit our TV antenna. The electricity from the lightning came down the antenna and went in two different directions.
The first line went down the guide wires and jumped over to the clothes line. It then hit the tree the clothesline was attached to and went down the tree and blew one of the roots right out of the ground.
The second line followed the antenna into the wires coming into the house. It followed the wire into the TV and blew it up, then followed the electric cord out of the TV into the wall socket. Luckily the jolt blew the cord for the stereo out of the wall socket before the electric could kill it too.
I was in the living room at the time and found out that lightning/electricity let loose in a room like that will suck the oxygen right out of the room. It felt just like someone had kicked me in the chest.
We had only recently bought the television and when we took it back to the store to see if it could be repaired the manager of the store traded it in for another new one. He said that he would just return the blown-up one to the factory and tell them that it was sent to him that way. Gotta love people like that!


RA67 asked me how I ended up in Florida.
That’s a pretty simple one to answer. When I was 13 there was a BAD BAD blizzard in north Indiana (among other places.) It was a freak storm that came out of nowhere and totally shut down town after town after town. The wind chill factor was literally 84 below zero. After the storm passed we were snowed in for days. All of the dads in my neighborhood dug a trench down the middle of our road to the little grocery store. The storm had come in so fast and so hard that the people working in the store were trapped there. We bought everything up trudged back home. A lot of people ran out of heating oil and some actually died in their houses. It was really bad!
After that whole ordeal my dad said he would NEVER go through another northern winter. He sold the house, packed us up, and we moved to Greenville Texas. That lasted about a year. My grandparents in the meantime had decided that they wanted to move to Florida. Since we had only lived in Texas a year and had no ties there, we packed up again and came to Florida. And I’ve been here ever since….woo-hoo!


Bo Bice kicks major ass!!!!


Tippy is talking in his sleep. There is nothing more amusing than a cat who talks in his sleep. What on earth could he be talking about? His whole world has always been in this house.
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