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Friday, May 13, 2005

Firemen Rock!!! 

Firemen totally rock!
Just as I was sitting down to dinner tonight I saw flashing lights outside the window.
I went outside and several fire trucks were pulling up to the house 2 doors down from mine.
When they went up to the door and opened it, smoke poured out of the house. A couple of the firemen grabbed a hose and stormed right in the door.
That is sooooo brave!!!
In the end they got the fire out and saved the house. I’m not sure of the damage to the interior of the house, but the man who lives there is still there so it can’t be to terrible.
A total of 5 fire truck loads of firemen showed up along with the battalion chief. I also saw the electric company come and a technician went into the house which leads me to think that the fire may have been electrical in nature.

Some women have a “thing” for firemen in uniform.
I have a “thing” not for the way they look, but for what they do. The whole concept of firefighting amazes me.
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