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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Ever Wondered About The History Of Dildos and Vibrators? 

Have you ever wondered about the history of the dildo?
How about the vibrator?

Main Entry: dil•do
Pronunciation: 'dil-(")dO
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural dildos also dildoes
Etymology: origin unknown
: an object serving as a penis substitute for vaginal insertion

Main Entry: vi·bra·tor
Pronunciation: 'vI-"brA-t&r
Function: noun
: one that vibrates or causes vibration : as a : a vibrating electrical apparatus used in massage or for sexual stimulation
Source A Source B

No one seems to know exactly who invented the dildo, but examples have been found in China dating back 12,000 years. These dildos were made of brass, wood, jade, and ivory. Personally I think I would have to choose an ivory one. The brass and jade would be too cold and the wood might have splinters! Evidence seems to point to the fact that maids used these dildos on aristocratic women. What a job to have!

Ancient Greek women were lucky in that Greece was a major manufacturer of dildos. They were made of stone, wood, and padded leather. The lubricant of choice was olive oil. Sometimes the dildos were attached to statues of the Greek God Priapus and were used to pierce the hymen of young girls to get them ready for marriage. Some traditions are best swept under the rug in my opinion.

Women in Ancient Africa must have been horribly hard up for sex because dildos made of camel dung (yes camel poop!), and coated with resin. Well that is pretty desperate (and icky) if you ask me!

In the 1800’s women were treated by doctors for “hysteria”. Hysteria was considered the cause of “women’s ailments” and psychological troubles. Doctors would manually stimulate a woman to orgasm and this would apparently cure all her ills. Another great job!
In the mid-1800’s the rubber dildo was invented. Then later came the vibrator. The vibrator was invented so that doctors could administer to more women in a day.
This is a picture of a stream powered vibrator. Devices such as this were only sold to doctors for the treatment of hysteria.

It looks positively frightening to me!

In the early 20th century you could buy “personal massagers.” They were to be used for the reduction of female stress and anxiety. Amazingly you could buy these “massagers” directly from the Sears catalog. How come Sears doesn’t sell them anymore I wonder?
Unfortunately the advent of adult movie brought the true purpose of the dildo and vibrator to light.
Here is a picture of an authentic hand cranked vibrator. It was in use around 1890.

Basically it is a hand crank egg beater with the beaters removed and a dildo attached. It seems to me that you would either have to have long arms or be able to bend in half to use this thing.
This next vibrator is an example of the early electric models. It is from Hamilton circa 1902.

I don’t know about you, but I would never let this thing anywhere near my crotchital region!

Today dildos and vibrators are both common and popular, though most vibrators are still called “massagers” quite often. You can buy them out of catalogs, in stores, and on-line.
The dildos of today are made of rubber, plastic, silicone, glass, and many other materials. You can find them in every imaginable shape and color. Thankfully wood and camel dung are no longer popular!

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