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Friday, May 06, 2005

The Concert 

Tonight I had the great pleasure of attending my nephew’s orchestra concert.
He is in the 6th grade and plays the cello. This was his first official concert and he was scared to death. A little over a week ago we had a talk about stage fright. I asked him if he was the only cello player and he told me there were several others. I explained to him that there was no need to be worried then because if he made a mistake and anyone actually heard a bad note, no one would know which one of them did it. That seemed to make him feel much better.
The concert itself went well. We sat through his groups four songs, then sat through the intermediate group (7th grade), then the advanced group (8th grade.) Actually all 3 groups did great.
The bad part came after they were finished playing. No one was informed that this was also an awards ceremony! The teacher handed out awards for 2 ½ HOURS. No joke.
What made it really bad is that she seemed to give all of the awards to the same 5-7 kids.
Most Improved, Best In Class, Best Posture, blah, blah, blah. And I am not kidding when I say that the same kids got all of the awards. It was ridiculous to make everyone sit through that.
Once the awards were all given out we had to sit through all of the door prize give-aways. The orchestra teacher wouldn't let any of the kids leave until after they did that. UGH!
I am a seasoned pro at attending school concerts because my daughter was a drummer in both the concert and marching bands all through high school. I have gone to more concerts, football games, competitions, parades, etc than you can even imagine. When it came to awards time they always had separate awards banquets. The kids and parents went and ate while the awards were given out. No one was trapped into attending.
The whole ordeal tonight was pathetic. When we were finally allowed to leave people were in the parking lot cussing up a storm. It was 9:30pm and everyone had come straight from work, which of course meant no one had had dinner. Plus the fact that all of the kids have to be back at the school in the morning.
I can guarantee that several people are going to call the school to complain in the morning. I won’t though. It was important to my nephew that we be there, so we were. That’s what matters to me in the end.

Wow…..I wrote all of that about a 12 year old’s concert!?! Cool!
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