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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Sunday, May 22, 2005

7 Kinds Of Heaven 

Ap0k changed my desktop modem today to a wireless one. Both laptops were already wireless, so changing the desktop is going to let me get rid of the wires strung across the ceiling. The only problem has been that now I can’t keep mIRC connected for some reason. mIRC stays connected on the laptops, so it should stay connected on this one. Ap0k says he will look into it in the morning.

I’m back. Got interrupted by a dead battery of all things. I got a phone call from my little sister saying that my uncle and my cousin were up in Ybor with a dead battery in their car. I knew it wasn’t good news when the phone rang at 15 minutes to midnight. No one ever calls me that late unless something is wrong. I was volunteered to go give them a jump since I live closest to where they were. Ap0k was already in bed, but when I told him I was going he insisted on getting up and going with me. All it took was about 10 seconds to get his car started. We followed him home (he only lives 2 blocks from me) and here I am again.

Nothing much else happened today really.
Oh, I did get a completely fabulous massage!!! We have this big massager that will send you into 7 kinds of heaven and Ap0k took after me with it this afternoon.
By the time he was done I felt like I had melted right into the bed. I was supposed to do him next, but in about 30 seconds of him finishing I went into a coma. The next thing I knew it was almost an hour later. It had gotten dark and I was freezing. I don’t even remember falling asleep. You have to love massages like that.

I think Ap0k is going to give one of our trucks to our daughter. I hope so; I am tired of seeing it sit in my yard. Now if we can only get rid of the other extra truck and the extra car. Anyone need a new ride?

I know that there was something I wanted to write about tonight, but I can’t for the life of me remember what it was! I hate it when that happens. I hope it wasn’t important!
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