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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Used Bathing Suits And Snot 

Ap0k and I went to dinner with our daughter and her boyfriend tonight. We went for sushi which is our favorite. Daughter’s boyfriend had never had sushi before but he gave it a shot. Actually for his first time he did quite well. He ate mostly cooked stuff, but he did nibble a bit of raw too.
I don’t really know the kid (kid? He’s 24!) much, but he seems nice enough. Daughter seems happy with him so I guess that is what matters. I just wish they lived closer.

After dinner Ap0k and I tried to go buy a television. Impulse shopping at it’s best, but we figured that since the store shares a parking lot with Circuit City…..why not! Circuit City closes at 10pm and we got there right at 9:30pm. As we were looking at the TVs the stupid sales guy started walking around turning them all off! How rude was that? Of course we immediately started to leave and Ap0k said “Well I guess I won’t by a TV tonight” while he was standing right next to the sales guy. You know what sales guy said? “Sorry.” What an ass!
We will definitely NOT be buying our new TV at Circuit City!!!

Someone I know (no names) wanted to go buy a bathing suit today. No big deal, except for the fact that she wanted to go to the resale shop to buy it. EWWWWW!!!! That’s like wearing someone’s used underwear. Gross gross gross! The person she was going with was going to try to talk her out of it. I hope she succeeded.

I found out today that two people I know have started dating. Well, the girl thinks they are dating. They guy is just after some ass. If she knew how he talks about her behind her back she would just die. I won’t be the one to tell her though. The whole “kill the messenger” would come into play.

Why do people blow their noses in restaurants? That is so disgusting! People; please remember that there is a bathroom in every restaurant. If you must blow your nose please go to the bathroom or go outside. There is nothing grosser than putting a forkful of food in your mouth right as someone starts honking up snot. Mmmm, tasty!
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