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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Sex Is Messy 

I am a huge fan of pornography. I have no trouble with most forms of pornography.
One thing about porn that makes me go “hmmmm” is the unreality of it.

Pornography tends to show women all dolled up to perfection. The actresses tend to have perfect hair, perfect clothes (lingerie), and most of all, perfect positions. The only muss is the ending cum-shot which is usually a facial.

In reality sex is messy, very messy.

When I have sex I very rarely start out with any form of lingerie except for underwear and that doesn’t stay on long.
I don’t think I have ever had sex with shoes on unless it was a “bend over-quickie”. I know I have never had sex with stilettos on since I have never worn a pair in my life.
I have very long hair and it always ends up in a terrible wad. It’s hard to give a real blowjob with long hair because it wraps around my face and gets tangled around his dick. I am constantly pulling it back behind my head.
Except for the more extreme movies, the actresses never sweat. Real women sweat sometimes! When you are in a tangle of blankets it can get mighty hot. When you are stuck under a guy and your head is crammed up against the pillows no air gets to you and guess what, you sweat.
The positions in movies are a bit unrealistic too. Most movies involve the basic 5 positions. Blowjob, guy on top of girl, girl on top of guy (facing away from guy towards camera), doggy style, blowjob-facial. In reality I have been twisted into every pretzel shape known to man. I’ve fallen off the bed, I’ve whacked my head countless times on the wall, I’ve thrown my back out, I’ve ended up with bite marks and bruises, and I’ve even sworn I have ripped muscles in my legs.
The most unrealistic thing about porn movies are the cum shots. 90% of porn movies end in blowjobs with the guy finishing by jacking off on the girls face. In reality cum goes everywhere. Sheets need changed, walls need inspected and sometimes wiped down. It is almost always in my hair and my belly button.

I understand that porn is not meant to be realistic. It is meant to be an escape to perfection.
Personally I prefer sex messy! When I end up sweaty, sore, and have cum in my hair, well then I know I’ve had a good time!
And before anyone says anything stupid, I have only had sex with one person in the last 20 years. My husband. Thank god he’s good at it!
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