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Thursday, April 21, 2005

Run To The Hills.....Run For Your Life 

Today is Metal Day!
And just who is the greatest metal band ever?
Well in my opinion that would most definitely be Iron Maiden!

The song I feel most represents my appreciation of Iron Maiden would have to be “Run To The Hills” which was released in March of 1982 on the album The Number Of The Beast. The song, written by bassist Steve Harris, tells the story of the Indian Wars in America’s old west. The various verses of the song represent the views of both the Indians and the white men.
The drum beat of the song, meant to represent hoof beats, is my favorite of any song I have ever heard.
Steve Harris’ bass playing is second only to Leon Wilkeson of Lynyrd Skynryd. His speed is absolutely amazing. Not to mention he was, and still is, the second best looking guy on the planet. I loved him so much that I dyed my hair like his for my wedding! How sick is that? Borderline stalker!

The other songs on the album, such as “The Number Of The Beast” and “The Prisoner” are equally as good as “Run To The Hills”. I can’t imagine anyone my age not knowing these songs, but if you haven’t heard them then please give this album a shot. If you are a fan of metal you will love this one!

I thought about writing a biography of the group, but This Page does a much better job than I ever could. The only thing I can add to it is that Bruce Dickinson and Nicko Smith rejoined the group in 1999 for a tour and the new album Brave New World (released in 2000).

I was lucky enough to see Iron Maiden in concert in either 1983 or 1984. With what I was doing at the time it’s amazing I even remember it at all! Shame on me. People, drugs are BAD for you!

Here is Iron Maiden circa 1983

And here they are last year

And just to show that in the end everyone grows up, here is Bruce Dickinson, certified pilot!

***Please Note:
Due to storage issues I have had to reduce the sound quality of the mp3s a little. I will try to keep them as high quality as possible while allowing for file size.
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