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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Me And Money - Soon To Be Parted 

I spent way too much money today!
What started out as a trip to exchange a lawn mower blade ended up costing almost $200.

First stop, Home Depot, where I wanted to exchange a 22” lawn mower blade for a 21” blade. They gave me my money back in what has to be record time, but unfortunately didn’t have the correct blade that I wanted. That meant I would have to go to Sears. Drat.

Of course Barnes & Noble just happens to be in the mall parking lot and while I am usually good about only going where I am aiming, today I caved. Barnes & Noble was calling my name loud and clear. I remembered that ogri had recommended I read something by Andrew Vachss so I figured I would pop in, grab a book, and pop right out. I wasn’t ten steps in the door and I already had two books, neither of which is what I went in for. In the end I ended up getting 2 books by Martha Grimes (The Winds Of Change and Foul Matter), 2 books by Robert Parker (Cold Service and Bad Business), 2 books by Jane Haddam (Conspiracy Theory and Somebody Else’s Music), 1 book by Tim Dorsey (Torpedo Juice), and finally 1 book by Andrew Vachss (Blue Belle).
I hadn’t realized that some of my favorite authors had been so prolific lately. Thank goodness I had my membership card with me. It saved me $13 dollars because I get 10% off of anything in the store.

Next stop was Sears where I knew they would have the lawn mower blade I wanted because that is where we bought the lawn mower in the first place. Now the problem was, which 21” blade did I want. Why is one skinnier than the other when both packages say exactly the same thing? Why are there no sales associates around when you need them? When I am just looking around they hound me to death, but the one time I need someone there is no one to be found. I finally decided on the wider blade because in my world bigger IS always better!

All Ap0k had requested while I was out was a synthetic chamois. Synthetic? Why synthetic I wonder? Oh well, that’s what he wanted so that’s what he got. It involved a trip to the auto parts store though. While I was there one of the male clerks was in the middle of throwing a tantrum because some guy had asked him if he would check his oil. The clerk just kept saying “I’m not a mechanic, check your own oil!” Sadly the guy didn’t KNOW how to check his own oil. He ended up leaving to go look for a gas station. I have to admit that my respect for a guy does tend to go down if I find out he can’t even check his own oil. I think it’s because Ap0k could build an entire car out of tin foil and chewing gum in the middle of the night with his eyes closed. No offence to any of you guys who can’t check your oil, but come on, it’s only reading a dip stick!

Now we were hungry! Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that my little sister went along. We ended up at a buffet joint not far from the house. We ate like pigs and then rolled ourselves out to the truck. I am such a sucker for a buffet!

When I got home of course I had to take a nap.
Ahhhhhh, the life of a housewife. So much to do, so little time to do it.
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