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Monday, April 04, 2005

Dead People, Snow, And An Explosion 

What do you remember about your childhood?

Here are a few things that I always remember:

1. I got my first real kiss when I was 12. He was a sweet boy, so sweet he even carved our initials in a tree. I was terrified that my dad would find out because the boy was black. I lived in a little town and such things were just not done!
2. When I was around 10 we had a very bad rainy season. The river across the road overflowed its banks and totally flooded the park down the road. We took canoes out and paddled all over. There is nothing cooler than canoeing around a baseball field.
3. There was a big old creepy cemetery 3 blocks from my house. We were all told by all of the parents to stay out of it! Of course we did not listen. It was fun to go in there when it was just getting dark. We all swore that the mausoleum doors were creaking open. And that the dead people were going to get us. Kids are so silly.
4. When I was in elementary school we had fish fries every year. My dad was one of the fish “cooks.” I always got stuck wrapping the plastic silverware in napkins and then rubberbanding them all up. Woo-Hoo, what fun! The fish fries themselves were fun though. I think about that every time I smell fish frying.
5. Friday was always Pizza Day at school. My elementary school was across the street and uphill from the high school. Our lunches were called “satellite lunches” which was a cool name for “leftovers.” Yep, they packaged up the high schools leftovers and wheeled them on a cart up the hill for us to eat the following day. Yummy!
6. The house I lived in when I was little had a very big basement. My dad was in a band and they would practice down there all of the time. I would go to sleep laying at the top of the stairs listening to them. Once my dad and his friends built a big old motorcycle in the basement. When it was all done they couldn’t get it up the stairs. Picture several big biker type guys scratching their heads trying to figure out how they were going to get it outside. I can still see my mother standing there laughing her ass off at them.
7. My mother worked in a liquor store when I was in middle school. After school some friends and I would always go to there and steal tiny bottles of peppermint schnapps. They had to know that they were disappearing, but no one ever said a word to us.
8. In 1977-78 northern Indiana suffered through some horrific snow storms. The wind chill factor one day was actually 84 degrees BELOW zero! Talk about cold! After one freak snow storm that locked the town up completely my dad and several other men that lived on our street dug a trench through the snow right down the middle of the street so we could get to the grocery store. The storm had hit so hard and so fast that the people working at the store were snowed in there. All of the moms trudged down the trench and bought the store out of everything they could get their hands on. It was at least a week before the snow plows made it to our street. People lost electric and heat and were actually dying in their houses and no one could get to them. Luckily we had fireplaces on both the main floor and in the basement. After that year we moved to Texas and then to Florida. My dad said he would never again in his life live where it snows. Can’t say that I blame him.
9. I had a friend who’s dad was a mortician. The mortuary was in a big house and the girl and her dad lived on the top floor. Needless to say sleepovers at her house where mega scary! She was terrified of the dead people so her life must have been a living hell. Poor girl. I wonder what ever happened to her?
10. When I was in the 5th grade I got into some poison ivy. The whole side of my head was swollen up like I had elephantitis. Of course I couldn’t go to school like that! My mother though, bless her heart, actually made me go in to the school with her to pick up my school work. I wanted to die on the spot.
11. Probably the scariest thing I remember was when the aerosol plant blew up. I think it was called agrapak or something like that. I was in the 4th grade at the time. We were in class and the when the plant blew up the whole school shook like someone had kicked it. Scared all of the kids AND the teachers senseless. The plant was only a short distance away so of course all of the stay at home moms was sure it was the school that had exploded. Moms came running from everywhere, and I do mean running because at that time most moms didn’t have their own cars. It was chaos!
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