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Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Cheap Trick Says......"Surrender!" 

Cheap Trick was the first real band that I ever saw in concert. I have seen them a total of three times, and I would go see them again if given the chance.

I chose “Surrender” from the album Heaven Tonight released in 1978. The entire album is full of great songs. Make sure to check out the song “Auf Wiedersehen” in particular.

Cheap Trick was originally formed by guitarist Rick Nielsen and bassist Tom Petersson as Fuse. After a few crew and name changes the two ended up adding singer Robin Zander and drummer Bun E. Carlos, and the rest as they say, is history.

They released their first self-titled album in 1977. The record sold well in the US but did not chart. Japan was another story. The album went gold almost immediately there. Their second album also released in 1977 was pushed harder in the US and topped out at #73 on the charts, and again went gold in Japan. The group became superstars in Japan, selling out concert dates in 2 hours. They recorded one of their concerts in Japan and released it as their 4th album (after Heaven Tonight) and they finally got their break in the US. “Live At Budokan” stayed on the US charts for a year and topped out at #4. The song “I Want You To Want Me” from that album became Cheap Tricks first US Top 10 hit.

Tom Petersson left the group in 1980. He was replaced by both Pete Comita and Jon Brant. Tom returned to the group in 1988.

Cheap Trick has released a total of 23 albums as a group and there really isn’t a stinker in the bunch. The band members have also released a few solo projects and they have also contributed to movie and TV soundtracks. The most famous of the soundtracks would definitely be the theme song to “That 70’s Show” of course.

Cheap Trick is currently on tour by themselves and will also be touring with Alice Cooper beginning in August.

Early Cheap Trick

Cheap Trick earlier this year with the great Les Paul

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