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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Cats and Vaccuums 

Is there anything more exciting than waiting for drywall patch to dry?
If there is, I haven’t found it!
Yes, that WAS sarcasm.

I am making pretty good progress I guess. It just takes so long to wait for each coat to dry. There doesn’t seem to be enough air moving around in here to speed up the drying. I thought about setting up fans, but if it dries too fast it tends to crack.
I bought a shop-vac to clean up the dust from sanding. My old vacuum just couldn’t do the job. After about 2 minutes of use I realized that shop-vacs are the greatest vacuums ever made. I may never use anything else! It cleans both the hard floors and the carpets in a snap. In fact it tries to suck the carpets right off the floor! If you have cats you must go buy one. I have never had a vacuum that picked up cat hair so easily.
They have an attachment pack for it that contains small pieces for computers and car interiors. The suction is so strong that I am afraid it would suck the keys right off the keyboard though.

Does anyone need a cat? As you know I have a zillion of them and now two of them are pregnant. Someone please come take them!! It’s hard for me to take them to the pound because I am so afraid they will be put down. I couldn’t live with myself if they did that.
You can’t have Tippy though. Tippy was born “under-cooked” and it took a lot of care from us (mostly Ap0k) to keep him alive. He’s a big boy now but he is still small. He is also a bit “special” if you know what I mean. I have never had a cat that was so interested in what people do. Sometimes he hangs from my side to watch me wash dishes. He always assists in whatever chore you are doing. Most cats freak when you turn on the vacuum, but Tippy prefers to ride on it. We can’t let him outside because he isn’t afraid of anything and I just know he would get run over by a car.
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