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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Saturday, April 23, 2005

Bad Scheduling 

My schedule has gotten so screwed up.
I go to bed at around 8-9pm, but then get back up at 2-3am.
I go back to bed around 9-10am, then get back up around 11am-12pm.
The good thing about this schedule is that I get to see Ap0k more. I never saw him in the morning, and he goes to bed so damn early that I was only seeing him maybe 2 hours a day. With this schedule I see him an additional 2 hours in the morning.
The BAD thing about this schedule is that I am always tired. And I mean ALWAYS.
Another bad thing is that I am supposed to be working on the walls, but I sleep through the first part of the day, then in the afternoon when I am really into it, Ap0k calls and I have to stop and clean everything up so that I can cook. I am really making no real progress. I wouldn’t mind working on them at about 4am, but it makes so much noise and dust when I am sanding that it would wake him up.
Ugh, a no win situation!
Maybe I should start taking vitamins or something so I can stay awake after he leaves for work in the mornings?
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