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Monday, March 14, 2005

It's A Trick Daddy Kind Of Day 

Today I decided to give you a song that was a bit more modern.

Trick Daddy started his career in the 90’s working with Uncle Luke aka Luke Skywalker aka Luther Campbell. He sang the lead on the track “Scarred” on the album “Uncle Luke”.
In 1998 Trick Daddy started the website Thug.com . Make sure to visit this site as it has music and videos available including one of my favorite new songs “Sugar (Gimme Some)” featuring Ludacris and Cee-Lo.

For a more detailed biography of Trick Daddy check out THIS page.

The song I picked for today is “Let’s Go” featuring Lil John and Twista off the album ”Thug Matrimony: Married To The Streets” .

Be aware that this is the uncensored version, so if swearing offends you don’t listen!

Let me know how you feel about this song!

Also keep in mind that you guys blow through the available bandwidth at an amazing speed. Does anyone have any ideas for a good FREE host that allows hotlinking AND has good bandwidth available?
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