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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

It's Alive!!!! 

My cable is out again so I won’t be able to post this until it comes back up.
Around 2:00 I lost my digital feed so I couldn’t get any channels over 99. About 40 minutes later the TV made the sound of 100 fingernails scrapping down a chalkboard and I then lost all of my cable and my internet. Actually I didn’t lose the TV 100%. The information that comes up on the bottom of the screen is still there. At least I can see what I’m missing. Ap0k called the cable company and the message he got was basically, “We know it’s messed up, get off the phone.” Well that’s encouraging!

I am having a bit of a problem on one of my forums. The administrator, who pays for the hosting, only shows up once every 6 months at best. I still have not figured out why he even pays for it. When he does show up it is only to throw a monkey wrench into things. A video producer has contacted him and complained that some of their videos were posted on the forum. They want them pulled or they will contact the police. Well of course the admin of the forum went into a complete tizzy. He showed up at the forum, deleting posts left and right. He deleted posts that had nothing to do with that video producer at all. Then he left a post himself stating that no one can post movies unless they own the copywrite for them. First off none of the videos posted are on the server that the forum is hosted on. The forum itself is not doing anything wrong. If the video producer wants to get the police on anyone, it should be the site that is actually hosting the video itself. While deleting the posts off of the forum from this particular producer IS the correct thing to do, you don’t need to go all out about copywrite issues like the administrator did. While I understand he is ultimately in charge because he pays the bills, it is becoming more and more difficult for me and the only other moderator to keep this forum running smoothly. Since most people don’t even know who the administrator is I am getting flooded with emails from posters questioning the copywrite post he made. What do I say when I don’t even know myself for sure what is going on?
Luckily my other forums are running as smooth as butter right now! Oh, and for those that are wondering, it is NOT The Cutting-Room-Floor that is giving me heartburn. The administrator of that forum (Trader) is a total gem.

My house smells sooooo good right now! Ap0k requested Brunswick stew for dinner, so rather than give him the crappy canned stuff I pulled out the trusty recipes. Yes people, I actually can cook. Quite well too I might add! I’m just too lazy to go all out most of the time. I am a huge fan of boxes and cans. When I want to though, I can whip up some pretty tasty stuff.

I’ve went from using the blogger box to using Word to write these posts. I hope my grammar and spelling is a bit better now. While it’s not infallible, at least it helps.

It’s 5:10 pm and my cable is all back on. It started to pour outside and the cable came back on at the exact same time.
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