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Thursday, March 24, 2005

I Am SO Not A Kid Person! 

I went to the museum (MOSI) with my mom, my daughter, my little sister, and my nephew today. It was more like going to the zoo!
We mainly went to see the IMAX movie ”Mystery Of The Nile”. I am such a sucker for a good IMAX movie. The movie was great and everything went just fine there. The problems came when we went out into the museum itself to look at the exhibits.
CURSES! It’s spring break! I think that every day care center in the county had all of their 5-8 year olds there today. Can I just say that I can’t stand other people’s children?
It’s really hard to look at things when little kids are trying to knock you over for no apparent reason. Screaming and yelling, fighting with each other. In the end we gave up and went to Dairy Queen.
Why don’t people teach their children manners anymore? If my daughter had ever acted like that in public I would have died. My nephew is 12 now, but he never acted like that either. In fact he’s worse now then when he was younger.

Something else I don’t understand. How can some people have so many kids? We had a hard enough time affording ONE. How do you take FIVE kids to the museum? Heck how do you even take five kids to dinner? How do you afford all of their clothes and toys? It’s not like we were ever broke or anything, but it seemed like we spent all of our money on stuff for our daughter. I can’t even begin to imagine having to spread the money out between multiple people.
And time! It seemed like I was always driving her to some practice or another. How do you do it with several kids?

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