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Sunday, March 20, 2005

Gucci Crew - Worth A Listen If Only For A Giggle 

I felt the need to go a bit cheesy with today’s new song.
“Sally That Girl” was released in 1989 by Gucci Crew on the album “Everybody Wants Some.”

I like to call these guys The Casio Kings. The music is by no means high quality, but it is just so darn catchy!

Gucci Crew released their self titled first album in 1983. After they released their second album they changed their name to Gucci Crew ll. Finally they released their 5th and final album (as Gucci Crew again) in 1997.
Gucci Crew was part of the whole late 80’s early 90’s Miami Bass Booty Shake scene.
Sadly they were always overshadowed by groups such as 2 Live Crew.

Instead of writing some gibberish I am going to show you a review I found that pretty much sums it all up…...

“This duo sounds like they seriously think their music is worth paying money to listen to,and it is, only not for the reasons they think it is. ... With lyrics that don't have any relevance towards anything except the title of the song (if that), and with lyrics that don't even rhyme half of the time, this album is outright embarrassing! So much so that it is really really really FUNNY! I couldn't stop laughing throughout the entire duration of this album. It's worth 1 star just for the fact that it will make me laugh for the rest of my life.” - Lauren Ashleigh

Give it a shot; at least it’s worth a giggle or two.
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