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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Useful Programs 

Here are some programs that no self respecting computer should be without.

*AVG Anti-Virus = AVG is a great free anti-virus program available from Grisoft. I have used it for several years now with no troubles at all. It has a very user-friendly interface that even the most novice of users will be able to handle. AVG is very good on bringing you new virus updates as quickly as the crummy virus's come out. You can set the program to check for available updates on a daily basis.
To check this program out go HERE and click AVG Free on the left hand side.

*SpyBot Search & Destroy = If your computer seems to be getting slower and slower for no apparent reason, and you are getting more and more pop-ups, chances are you have accumulated some spyware.
What is spyware? Little bits of programming added to other programs that can track your internet usage, call up pop-up ads, change your homepage, and generally turn the speed of your computer into frozen molasses. Simple to install, set-up, and run.
Read more about it and download it HERE .

*Net Transport = Net Transport is without a doubt my favorite download manager. It cuts your download into up to 10 pieces making it MUCH faster. It can be integrated into Internet Explorer to watch for downloadable files, but I HIGHLY recommend against this! It's easiest to use the tiny drag and drop box that hides up in the corner of your desktop. This program is technically shareware, but works fully without paying for it.
You can find this program HERE , but keep in mind that the page tends to load slowly.

*WinAmp = This is something that most people probably already have, but no list is complete without it. WinAmp is a multi-format audio player that has a zillion plug-ins that do a gazillion different things.
Check out the free version HERE and don't forget to check outthe plug-ins!

*DVD Shrink = DVD Shrink is a great free dvd back-up utility. Unlike other dvd ripping programs, DVD Shrink is super simple to use. By simply checking or unchecking boxes, you can choose exactly which parts of the dvd you wish to copy. To use the burn feature of this program you need to have Nero installed. If you do not have Nero youcan still use DVD Shrink. You will just need to use another dvd burning software.
To see what all DVD Shrink can do go HERE .

*HDDlife = HDDlife is a hard drive health monitor. It is able to tell you (approximately of course)how much life your hard drive has left. It can also tell you the temperature. This is a great little utility!
RA67 is the source of THIS link.

*Belarc Advisor = The Belarc Advisor is an amazing little program. It tells you pretty much everything about your computers system that you could ever want to know. It tells you all the info on your hardware (hard drives, processor, memory, printers, etc.) and your software (Operating system, programs, etc).
I have found this to be invaluable at times. Belarc adds itself to your program file list so it is easily accessible. It opens in Internet Explorer and is very easy to read. I think you will like this one!
Click Free Download at the top of THIS page.

*Google Toolbar = How could anything from Google be bad? Normally I HATE toolbars(!!!) but I have to make an exception where this one is concerned. The best feature of this toolbar is the pop-up stopper. It has proven to be a great addition to my browser. I really like the little vote buttons! The options are easy to choose. This one is pretty much a no-brainer, and is not a resource hog at all.
Go HERE to download the toolbar.

This list is made up of programs that I have found to be useful. To my knowledge, none of the them contain any spyware.
As always, remember to virus scan ANY program before installing it!

If you need any help with any of these programs, please feel free to leave me a reply, or mail me by clicking the AGFH button on the left.
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