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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I Want To Be A Drag Queen 

Watching a show on TRIO called "Ladies Please" .
It tells the stories of various performing drag queens. I think it takes a strong man to be a drag queen (one said it takes a man with big balls.)
Can you imagine how some people must react to them?
Most people assume that drag queens must all be gay, but a good portion of them are not.
Watching the stage performances of these girls is amazing. Some are so pretty, yet some are totally butt-ass ugly.
The stage shows look like ALOT of fun.
I've decided that since I am so in love with the make-up and I have purple hair anyway, I should be a female drag queen. But how do you be a female female impersonator anyway?
Kind of defeats the purpose I guess.


Speaking of drag queens/transvestites......have you ever listened to or seen any of Eddie Izzard's stuff?
He is a stand-up comedian who dresses in subtle drag. He calls himself an Executive Transvestite.
If you are looking for extremely intelligent humor then I highly recommend you check him out.
His comedy encompasses events from today back to ancient history.
He has several DVD's out so next time you are looking to rent something, grab one of his. You won't be sorry!


I went to a drag show one time. The girls were amazingly beautiful.
You would never have known they were actually guys if you hadn't heard their real voices. I was totally taken with them!

I guess somewhere inside of me there lurks a freak just yearning to get out!


Now TRIO is showing a program about Elvis impersonators.

I DO NOT want to be Elvis!
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