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Monday, February 21, 2005

He's Not The Son Of Satan! 

Ap0k and I finally got to meet our daughters new boyfriend today, and he doesn't look or act like the son of Satan.
While this might sound odd, you'd have to have seen some of her other ones.
Goodness, how do these guys mothers allow them out of the house looking like they do?
Now I am not a fuddy duddy by any means. I'm all for dressing as an individual. What I am talking about is the guys who have long scraggly limp hair who look like they haven't washed in months.

This new guy seems sweet. He actually looks like a human being.......and he SPEAKS!
Daughters boyfriends who speak are a rare occurrence around here.
Most have been all sullen and sad acting. The "oh, woe is me" type.

I am quite happy about the turn events have taken!


Daughter also starts her new job with the SPCA on Wednesday. She will be working with animals that aren't adoptable yet. The job even comes with special "bite insurance". Scary stuff!


I am tickled to death with myself today. I went to the mall and to WalMart and saw all kinds of things I just knew I would die without. But in the end all I came home with was flea spray and the Dodgeball DVD.
Now tomorrow I get to strap down all of my cats and soak them down. Now won't that be fun!!!!
I'll be all bloody scratches before I'm half done.
Bloody cat scratches and flea spray........now there is a winning combination.


Here's a treat for people who like 80's music.
Streaming radio for various music player (winamp, media player, real player. etc)

Check it out here:

CLUB 977

Link courtesy of RA67
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