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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Saturday, February 19, 2005

Back Away From The Food - You're Gonna Explode! 

As you know I am trying desperately to quit smoking. I'm actually doing pretty well, except for one thing.
I am eating like a pig.
Seems that every time I turn around I am shoving something else into my face.
It would be ok if it were fresh fruits and vegetables, but noooooo, it's macaroni and cheese and cereal.
I am so weak!

Speaking of eating, today is my daughters 19th and we took her to Maggiano's for lunch. The food there is FABULOUS.
The thing I like best about this restaurant is that you can eat "family style". They just keep bringing food. That waiters even encourage you to order extra portions of everything to take home.

We got our daughter tickets to the Green Day concert in April. She absolutely loves them, and it was a huge surprise because she didn't even realize they were going to be coming here.

After lunch we made our bi-annual trip to Old Navy. Both Ap0k and I are suckers for some Old Navy clothes.

It's Saturday night so it's Moving Up/Trading Spaces/Town Haul night.
Whew! I'm gonna need a snack after all of this excitement.
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