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The life of a porn addicted housewife.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

On The Hunt 

As I said yesterday, I am in the mood to make a music video. The problem is that I am having a harder than normal time finding a video worth altering.
When I first starting making the videos I would gather up spam posts and work from there. Nowadays the spammers have plastered their site watermarks all over the videos making them useless. I know that as they see it as advertising, which it is, but I would never join a site that watermarks their videos like some of these people do. Who am I kidding right? You know I would never pay for porn anyway. In the past I have used watermarked videos, but the watermarks were small and unobtrusive. The ones you find now though have watermarks that take up half of the screen.
It looks like I am going to have to get more creative. Looks like it’s time to hit the pass lists again.

OK, found me a huge list. You know, looking through these sites it totally amazes me what garbage people will pay for. It is the rare porn site that has any real original content. Everyone is retreading the same stuff over and over. What I find really amusing is how many of them claim to have great videos, yet they are all connected to the same stream sites. You could be paying for 100 different sites and all of them have the exact same video content.

Then there are the sites that say they have content and when you get inside they have 20 pictures.

One thing that strikes me about some porn paysites is their names. Carebares? Now you KNOW a zillion little kids have misspelled carebears and ended up seeing things they probably shouldn’t. Supermarket Whores? Trust me; the whores I see in my grocery store are not worth watching naked!

There ARE some sites that do have good original content. “Guys Lucky Day” for example. They take average looking guys off the street (supposedly) and pair them up with a couple of really good looking girls. The one I am downloading now is about a guy in a computer store. I love geeky guys! Looking through their list of movies, this site is definitely a good one.

OMG! I just found one called daddy videos. One of the sections has a bunch of older guys (late 60’s or so) jacking off. That’s not what I am looking for!!!
Hmmmm, here is one called monster cock club. It sounded promising, but ended up being a gay site and the guys dicks weren’t that big. Don’t get me wrong, I love gay movies (yes I do!), but I can’t post them for the guys on my forums. Now if you ARE looking for big dicks (and who isn’t?) “A Cut Above” has a few amateur videos of solo guys with BIG ones. I was quite impressed and I downloaded them all for my viewing pleasure.

One site I WILL recommend is http://diabolicxxx.com/ it has a lot of good quality video content and updates frequently. The site is owned by Anabolic Video and all of the scenes are all from their own movies which are some of the best in the business in my opinion. Your membership will allow you access to both anabolicxxx and diabolicxxx sites. Both are plum full of goodies. No idea what it costs, you’ll have to check that out for yourself.

Well I am part way through a giant (GIANT) list and I have found several things to post. Nothing for a music video yet though. I will work on that again tomorrow I guess.
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